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Tailz Dog Poop Bags Starter Kit

by admin

If there’s anyone within sight when your four-legged mate’s crouched over with his back legs trembling and a look of deep concentration, the resulting barker marker has to be dealt with.

Aussie outfit Tailz makes specialist equipment for just such occasions.

Basically it’s a packet of poo bags, like the shopping bags most owners have tied to the dog’s leash, but because we’re all thinking of The Environment first and foremost at times like these, the bags are biodegradable, compostable, plant and worm toxin safe, sustainable, cornstarch-based and ‘stronger, longer, thicker and better’.

That’s what the PR blurb says. It doesn’t say stronger, longer, thicker and better than what, although we’re assuming the log Fido left on the third green of the local golf course would be a good start.

The company offers a range of turd-tackling gear, but the starter kit includes 75 shit sacks and a weatherproof dispenser.

Order a kit from tailz.com.au for $22.99.
Who’s a good boy, then?

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