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Swarovski El 10 X 42 Binoculars

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For the nature lovers, or perhaps those who like to keep an eye on the neighbours, a good set of binoculars is the go.

Mirrored telescopes are fine if you need to see Uranus, but when the folks next door are mooning during a drunken barbie, you can’t beat a good pair of binos to get up close and personal with the cracks and crevasses.

Austrian outfit Swarovski makes cracker optical products, especially binoculars, and if we had a lot of money, we’d chuck the office Tascos in the shit tin and buy a pair of these right now.

The Swarovski EL stands out from other wannabe binoculars due to an additional optical element. It has a precisely engineered field flattener, known as SWAROVISION, which provides ‘unprecedented peripheral definition and sharpness, and produces large eye relief which offers a full-field of view for those wearing eyeglasses’.

This beautiful pair here features 10X magnification and a 42mm objective lens, which is all very well, but what got us really excited was the submersion tightness. We have no idea what it is, but it sounds awesome.

All this fantasticness comes at a price of course. A pair of EL 10s costs around $3300.

Suddenly our old Tascos look like they’ll last a bit longer.

Lots of websites are offering Swarovskis, but the only shop we could find with stock was Bintel at Glebe in Sydney.

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