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Sutton Tools drill bit comparison

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The life of a drill bit is not easy – probably even harder than being an apprentice – and  they cop an absolute beating every time they go to work (the drill bit).

So when you buy your bits it is a good idea to go with a brand that has been making them for 96 years and still runs all its R&D and much of its manufacturing out of their Melbourne factory.

WTW Editor, Tom Haynes, recently toured that factory and saw first-hand the relentless testing and re-testing that goes into every product before it is released to market.

It is this R&D that has led to the release of the P&N Workshop drill set range which a Sutton Tools spokesperson says blows the competition out of the water. They tested their 6mm Cobalt Pro range against five competitors through controlled CNC testing and found it punched 59, 15mm depth holes into steel. The next closest competitor notched up 42 holes and the worst performer only 16 holes. The results were averaged over 10 tests. Check it out below!



SUTTONThe spokesperson told WTW the reason for the winning performance was because of the titanium nitride (TiNite) – an extremely hard ceramic material – coating on the tip.

“The greatest wear to a drill bit occurs at the drill tip and cutting edges to depths twice the drill diameter,” they said. “The TiNite coating offers protection where it matters and gives the drill bit three times the lifespan.”

The spokesperson added that the P&N Workshop range has plenty of other cool features including a drill depth indicator, a parabolic flute design for easy displacement of the material you are cutting into, a 135° split point for easy starting and is available is HSS or cobalt.

The P&N Workshop range is available in 6, 10, 19 and 25 piece sets, drill sizes from 1.0mm – 13.0mm. RRP from $ 22.95 to $299.00 per set.




• 135° Split point

• TiNite coated tip for 3 x longer life

• Drill depth indicator

• Parabolic flute design for increased chip evacuation

• HSS & Cobalt available

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