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Sutton timber drill bits

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Sutton Tools is one of the oldest family owned cutting tools manufacturers in the world. Not only have they kept it in the family, they’ve kept it in the country, with all their quality product being produced in Australia. Here we profile their range of professional quality drill bits suitable for timber applications.

Spade Bit

5 x faster than standard spade bit

New spade bit incorporates latest design and technologies for the most powerful and fastest cutting bit on the market. With power chip breaker edge, it provides 5 times faster than standard spade bits.

Size range: 6-38mm

4 Flute Auger Bit

Fast hole boring

Sutton Tools new 4 flute auger bits are shorter in length than a standard bit, and have extra cutting edges to provide an aggressive cutting action in hard and soft wood.

Size range: 10-32mm

Auger Bit

Deep hole boring

Sutton Tools auger bit is designed for fast cutting through holes in timber such as fence posts and railway sleepers.

Size range: 10-32mm

Wood Bit

For all woodworking applications

Precision ground from solid high speed steel, brad point drills are designed for use in furniture making, dowelling, cabinetry and other woodworking applications.

• ‘W’ point provides accurate positioning & reduced splintering

Size range: 4–12mm

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