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Superstrata Pushies

by editor

American bike company Arevo, based in California, is offering 3D-printed bikes made to suit the customer.

Log on, select how much flex the frame should have, intended use, which type of wheels will do and a huge shed load of other parameters, and Arevo will knock out a made-toorder Superstrata – that’s the brand name of these high-end head turners.

Instead of building a bike from parts joined together like other companies, the Superstrata frame is a single piece of carbon fibre. Thanks to the 3D printing there’s no seams or welding.

There’s a few different electric and old-fashioned, non-electric models available, but we couldn’t find anyone in Australia selling them yet. We started to go through the process of ordering one to see what the delivery time and cost was to Aussie, but we got bored at around the time it began probing our preferences for support – something about whether we wore boxers or briefs – and we decided youse could work it out for yourselves.

Expect to pay anywhere from $3500 or so on up, plus handling and del iver y. Log on to superstrata.bike and see how you go.

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