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Suhner UKC -3R

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Suhner’s new UKC -3R makes grinding and polishing difficult-to-reach fillet welds simple.

Purposely designed with a low-profile and a long neck and head so it can be easily manoeuvered, the task of finishing, profiling and polishing welds to a high standard is fast, saving time and money. Plus, using the UKC -3R with the Bristle Brush Cleaning System ensures weld burns and stains don’t return, eliminating the need for acid washing.

Ideal for working with stainless steel, aluminium, brass and other alloys, the UKC -3R can be used on metal architectural structures, handrails and balustrades, bench tops and even on metals in the food industry. The UKC -3R allows working without dangerous acids and chemicals, making it the perfect tool for polishing metal food vessels and surfaces.

Swiss designed and German made, the UKC -3R is lightweight, ergonomic, and very easy to use. It features an electronic 500W motor to ensure the power needed is available, and a variable-speed selector allows the choice of the desired speed from 1400rpm to 3200rpm. There’s a soft-start and overload protection, plus, the slow-speed option lets the operator easily meet specific surface specifications for food production or processing.

The Suhner UKC -3R is available as a portable battery tool – AKC 3 – with a fixed 3000rpm. Users can apply a wide range of abrasives to the tool, and it’s offered in special-application packages to meet a variety of needs.

This hassle-free and quality tool makes grinding and polishing difficult-to-access fillet welds easy.

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