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SUDSKI Shower Beer Holder

by admin

Who among us has never felt the tragedy of lost beverage-consumption time due to the need for personal hygiene?

No-one, that’s who.

We’ve all gazed wistfully at a cold, frothy ale as the itching in our nether regions became intolerable and we retired for a quick tub to ease the situation.

But now both primal needs can be fulfilled simultaneously. Or at the same time, even.

Just grab the Sudski stubby holder, whack it on the shower screen or perhaps the wall tiles, slip in a coldie and start soaping up, comfortable in the knowledge you won’t fall victim to bastard dehydrification during the cleansing process.

This amphibiotic stubby holder is made of techo silicon – like beaut boob enhancers – is easy to use and sticks to shiny surfaces. You could even use it working in bathrooms and so forth, so it’s a genuine item of safety equipment and should be declared tax deductable for tradies.

You can grab one from Mitre 10 stores for $19.00 or from Australian Geographic shops for a couple of bucks more. If you’re too lazy to go out, there are stacks of websites selling them. You can do the searching. We’re not here to hold your unwashed hands.

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