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Strumen Phone Camera Lenses

by admin

When was the last time you actually used a dedicated camera to get a pic? The latest phones are producing images good enough to publish, and camera phones pretty much rule.

The folks at Strumen are right on board with the whole camera-phone thing and make a range of lenses that fit to the phone to give huge zoom and amazing wide angles, all at very high quality.

There’s a few different prime lenses available – that’s cool photographer talk – but for the average bloke or girl wanting to take a step up with their phone photography, the ProSeries kit is the go. Three lenses which can be attached to the phone via a special case or clip give incredible versatility and maintain great quality.

We haven’t seen any of these in-camera shops for a while, but you can get them straight from Strumen at http://www.strumenoptics.com.au. The ProSeries kit runs $249. We can’t believe what a great price it is.

Give them a try. You’ll be impressed. We were.

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