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Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Handset

by admin

We’re not sure if ‘Beam me up, Scotty,’ and “She’ll nae take it, Cap’n!’ are still relevant these days, but if Star Trek gets you excited, this thing will give you a mental supernova.

The Original Series Star Trek Communicator actually works. Like everything else these days, it relies on being paired with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or device. Once that’s done the fantasy world of bravely going where no man has gone before is one step closer. You can make and receive phone calls and thrill to the array of authentic Star Trek sounds and recorded conversation fragments.

Crafted from die-cast metal and supplied in a ritzy foam-lined transit case, the manufacturer claims: ‘Every curve, every line and texture has been painstakingly 3D scanned from the original movie prop’.

It also comes with a magnetic stand for wireless charging with multi-colour LED charge-status illumination.

As far as we know you can only get them on-line, and they run to about $229.99. Aussie site Yellow Octopus is a good place to start.

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