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Stanley Fatmax Bladearmor Tape Measures

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Think for a minute how many times a day a carpenter, plumber or sparky reaches for the tape measure. It must be one the most essential hand tools for any tradie. What makes the difference between an average and excellent tape measure? Think about the classic tape failures. The main epic fails that come to mind are the tape tearing, the retraction feature jamming, the numbers wearing off, the rivets breaking and the tape just not lasting long enough.

If none of these things happen, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty good tape measure. Keeping that in mind, let’s have a good look at the STANLEY FATMAX range of tape measures.

Stanley Fatmax Bladearmor 8M and 10M (32MM Wide)

An 8-metre tape is an excellent all-rounder, but some trades need added length. For those that do, the 10m FATMAX delivers a vital extra 2 metres with all the same features of the 8m FATMAX.

Being easy to read is hugely important, and the 32mm wide blade is highly visible, while triple rivets hold the TRU-ZERO hook in place for excellent accuracy. A MYLAR-polyester film coating protects the tape up to 10x more effectively than a standard lacquer, and the first 7.5cm of the tape is protected by BladeArmor, reinforcing the most vulnerable and high-wear section of the blade itself.

These are just the highlights of these tapes. There are plenty of other features, but we just wanted to hone in on the key specs

Stanley Fatmax Xtreme Bladearmor 8M (32MM Wide)

Other than the Xtreme having an all-silver exterior, there are a few other factors that set the FATMAX Xtreme 8m tape apart.

This tape has a reassuring +/- 0.5mm tolerance at 1m. The large, protruding, oversized multi-catch hook is significantly larger than a conventional hook and protrudes on all edges, allowing for hassle-free measurements from all angles.

Stanley Fatmax 8M Magnetic

This little beauty was impressive, with the magnet being able to really grab onto metal. We could even hang earmuffs off it while it was hanging vertically.

The end hook has three solid rivets, and the initial section of the tape also has Blade Armor protection. Again, the MYLAR-polyester coating seriously extends blade life, and a patented airlock slide for secure locking improves the experience. There’s also a Tru-Zero hook and case-dimension marking to allow for both inside and outside measuring.

Stanley Fatmax 30M Fibreglass Long Tape

When you need to record accurate extended distances, the 30m Fibreglass Long Tape should be the go-to measure. Just like its smaller FATMAX family members, this product has a pile of high-end features that go with the FATMAX name.

Features which include:

  • Abrasion-resistant, clear-coated blade for long life
  • Bimaterial handle
  • Blade bumper to help prevent damage
  • Washable 64 strand Fibreglass blade for twice the strength of other Stanley long tapes
  • Extra wide 19mm blade for improved readability
  • FatMax fibreglass long tape is also available in 60m model.

Also, on the list of specs are an end loop for easy pulling and anchoring, and a folding Tru-Zero end hook for accurate internal and external measurements. There’s an Integrated ground spike to assist with one person measuring, reinforced blade end for long life, a 3:1 gear ratio for quick rewind and a rubber grip for comfort.


There is no better testing for a top-quality tape measure than to get the product into the hands of die-hard tradies. If the tape doesn’t instantly feel great in the hand, a tradie won’t stick with it. Size, weight and ergonomics all play their part. Here are a couple of quotes from tradies who have been using STANLEY FATMAX tape measures…

Ed Sullman, SWAT Fabrications: “We have been using FATMAX tape measures for many years now. We are tough on our gear, and even when we have tried out other tapes that have been recommended to us by other tradies, we always end up coming back to STANLEY FATMAX products due to their build quality and longevity. They last longer than other tapes while keeping their smooth action and tight locking capabilities.”

Glen Carter, Waterfront Constructions: “The main reason my FATMAX tapes don’t last longer is that they end up getting borrowed onsite and don’t manage to find their way back. Which, to be honest, doesn’t really bother me. I’m happy to know my team are all working with a top-quality tape measure.”

For more information visit  www.stanleytools.com.au

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