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STANLEY® FATMAX® 18mm Integrated Snap Knife

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The first of its kind. A patented bladesnap feature for safe, easy, onehanded use and blade change.

There is no denying the impact that the STANLEY FATMAX range has had on Australian worksites. It’s become a go-to brand for strength, quality, and longevity.
Innovation is another hallmark of the FATMAX label, and the 18mm Integrated Snap Knife is a great example. It’s the first of its kind, featuring a patented blade-snap feature for safe, easy, and one-handed use and blade change.

Why does this knife get such a big wrap? 

Summing it up, it’s thanks to:
• Single-handed use for snapping off the dull blade, requiring no other tools to complete in seconds
• An easy line up of blade position for exact snapping to give a new sharp edge every time
• Magnetic loading of new blades and magnetic capturing of old, snapped-off blade sections, and
• An ergonomic bi-material grip for precise control and safety.

It would be wrong not to test the blade snapoff feature first and foremost.

Generally a tradie who’s cutting is also holding a ruler, square, or some kind of guide for the blade. Probably a pencil or marker and maybe a few other bits and pieces as well. Inevitably, when the time comes to swap, replace, or snap to a new section of the blade, the last thing anyone wants to do is put everything down, stop work, and spend several minutes looking for new blades or the tools or item required to snap to a new section of blade safely. I’ve seen tradies incorrectly snap blades and cop flying metal in the face. Stopping for five minutes is the least of anyone’s worries if they’re on their way to the hospital.

Correctly and safely snapping the FATMAX 
blade is as simple as lining up the guide at the front of the knife (a line with an arrow pointing to it) and the bright-yellow guideline at the back of the blade. It’s that simple. Next, look at the top of the knife to find the black button and slide it forward to release the lever. A simple push to the left with the thumb on the same hand will snap the blade in the exact position needed.

One-handed blade changes provided excellent safety during the snapping process, and a well-placed magnet at the front end, right where the blade snaps, captured the used section of blade so it didn’t just fall on the ground where it could either injure someone, scratch or cut a finished surface.

The bi-material coating on the handle also provided outstanding control and precision in our testing across many materials, and we especially liked the inclusion of a tether loop for those working at heights. We cut everything from aluminium, rope, flashing, leather, foam and plastic through to timber. We even sliced through some rope and electrical cables. The blades are incredibly sharp and lasted well before needing to be snapped off for the next section.

The 18mm blade size was perfect too, and the shape and design of the exterior of the STANLEY fitted perfectly into our nail bag, ready to be quickly and easily found for its next use.

The only thing I’d recommend to business owners and site managers is don’t let your apprentices read this review. It’s tough to get their mobile phones out of their hands, and with the single-handed bladechange feature those first or second-year apprentices might be silly enough to claim they are still working with the phone in one hand and the STANLEY FATMAX 18mm Integrated Snap Knife in the other.

But in all seriousness, STANLEY has produced an excellent product that will not only reduce blade wastage through incorrect snapping of blades, but will improve safety and productivity.

It’s all in one very innovative product. Visit: www.stanleytools.com.au

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