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STANLEY Celebrating 175 Years

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Back in 1843, Frederick T. Stanley founded the Stanley Works in Connecticut, USA. The company began constructing tools which were unique at the time.

Not unique in their form, but unique in the high standard of manufacture and quality control. Over the next 175 years the company delivered hardworking, innovative, and powerful tools which empowered and enabled generations of craftsmen, trade professionals and DIY users alike.

Cutting Edge

In 1857 STANLEY’s spirit level and, in 1869, its Bailey bench plane, were embraced by artisans and the company continued to grow.

But the big breakthrough came in 1935 with the introduction of the utility knife. The impact was so huge that, to this day, the name ‘Stanley knife’ has become generic for pretty much all utility knives.

Even with a product so nearly perfect as the STANLEY utility knife, the company continued to research, refine and develop its products, earning an enviable reputation for innovation and reliability.


In another forward-thinking master stroke, STANLEY patented the lock-on tape measure in 1965, and that led to the FATMAX tape measure and line of equipment which kicked off in 1999. It was followed by the FATMAX Pro line in 2005 and FATMAX power tools in 2014.

Still Going Strong

Frederick T Stanley’s inspiration continues in every tool bearing his name today. From the humble tape measure to advanced, digitally connected measuring devices, STANLEY tools remain benchmarks for quality and durability and continues to help build the world.

STANLEY equipment really does stand the test of time. 175 years proves it, and the company – and its tools – are stronger than ever.

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