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Stairway To Heaven

by admin

Here’s what could happen if everyone doesn’t work as a team. The stairs are finished, the contractor’s determined to deliver on time, but the fricken building’s not done yet.

Nah. Just jivin’ yez all.

In fact, a top German bloke, Jason Paul, was shooting a video in his hilariously named home town, Frankfurt (it’s hilarious because it rhymes with ‘Wankblurt’, and we’re going to call it that now).

Herr Jase does a bit of ‘freerunning’, a sport the French started and called parkour. You have to say it with a drooly French accent: paaar-koouueer. It’s called that because it was originally parcours du combatant, which is Frenchie-talk for ‘obstacle course’.

Our American chums, never much good with language, decided it was too difficult and changed it to ‘freerunning’.

The sport is all about flipping and flopping over and around park benches, trees, light poles, skyscrapers or whatever can be found that looks spectacular in a city with a bloke – or a sheila – running along it or sliding off it.

It’s a lot like Danny McCat’s-kill, but without the pushie.

Anyway, Jaso’s pretty good at it, and was tumbling around, doing his thing and minding his own business, when he found himself in this unlikely situation.

Maybe the bloke in the hi-vis gear was his stepbrother?

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