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Spy Finder Pro Camera Finder

by admin

This one of the silliest things we’ve seen – and we’ve seen some fair wobblers on the Gadgets pages.

The Spy Finder Pro is a device for finding hidden cameras. So if you think someone’s watching you in the dunny or while you’re doing your invoicing, you can check the surrounding area to discover any hidden cameras.

The hidden camera doesn’t need to be transmitting any signal for the Spy Finder to work, and it’s good for finding any nasty little perv-cams from about one metre to about 13.5 metres away. It’ll find both wireless and wired cameras.

You have to hold the thing up to your eye so you look like a total nong, so either way the spy camera gets some good fun footage.

Seriously, if we got some funny video of someone we’d bust a gut to rush over and rub their noses in it. We wouldn’t be hiding anything.

It was no surprise to us Spy Finder is one of those Kickstarter projects. As far as we know it’s not available for sale yet.

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