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Spitwater Honda Petrol Pressure Cleaner

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There’s something about using a high-pressure cleaner that’s very satisfying. It’s like seeing a mate with an air rifle (for which, of course, he’s fully licenced) – you just have to have a go. It’s like therapy. With a good pressure washer, troubles disappear like the dirt and muck being blasted off a crud-caked job.

The Spitwater HP251A 3650psi, 15LPM, 13hp Honda petrol pressure cleaner is a very good pressure washer. The unit comes jam-packed with commercial-level specs, like 3650psi of pump pressure and 4950psi of turbo pressure, all driven by a Honda GX 390 13hp engine, and all nicely wrapped in a three-year engine warranty.

Trust me. It’s no one-handed affair. The pressure from this high-spec machine requires two hands and a little body weight to lean in against the pressure.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Test #1: Handling

This unit has all-steel construction and is made from the sturdiest material available to ensure it can cope with the rigours of onsite or commercial use, including a rollover frame with lifting hook, which is awesome for businesses with lifting machinery available. If you don’t have access to a second person to help you lift you’ll need to grab some tracks to help load and unload.

Test #2: Performance

Performance is where the Spitwater gets a straight-A score across the board.

First of all, when I first used the cleaner, it was at a site on Sydney’s northern beaches. The water pressure was terrible, and as the unit arrived without any Spitwater Truckwash, I substituted some good old regular car wash.

We were instantly impressed with the punch from the nozzle of the gun. The Spitwater is super reliable, easy-to-start and has a pile of pressure and power. We cleaned three cars, the back of a truck and all the spilled concrete on the road where the guys were loading the barrows. All tasks were effortless and the machine performed very well.

The next time we fired up the Spitwater we had the proprietary Spitwater Truckwash to test and we hooked up the hose to a regular garden tap with good water pressure. That was when we really got to experience just how powerful this high-pressure cleaner is.

After giving the car an initial spray with water only, it was time to add the suds. With a twist of the lever on the Spitwater gun the Truckwash suds were released and the ute was covered in seconds. Spitwater recommends letting the suds soak in for 10 minutes before spraying the car with full-power high-pressure wash. I really had to lean in on the gun and use my shoulders and body weight to counter the power of the gun. This wash easily removed dried bits of tree sap and droppings on the car, along with bird poop and other hard-to-remove items. The Spitwater HP251A 3650psi, 15LPM, 13hp Honda petrol pressure cleaner demolished everything in its path.


  • Flow: 15 l/min.
  • Pump pressure: 3650psi (250 bar)
  • Turbo pressure: 4950psi (330 bar)
  • Engine: Honda GX 390 – 13hp class
  • Engine warranty: 3 years
  • Pump speed: 1450rpm – ‘oz-tuff’ tooth-belt drive reduction
  • Pump protection: cooling tank with full 100% bypass
  • Chemical/detergent dispenser with 5-litre bottle

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

If you’re a tradie looking to tackle serious commercial cleaning tasks, like washing up after a concrete pour, or degreasing and descaling in a wide array of commercial applications in industries such as building, transport, manufacturing and primary industries, this machine is for you.

The only things I would have liked to have seen would have been a brake to stop the machine rolling away when working on an incline and a basic steering set up so I didn’t have to lift the machine when maneuvering it around.

One very impressive addition unique to Spitwater on all of its industrial range is the cooling tank which protects the pump seals from overheating when the trigger is closed. That ensures a longer pump life, less maintenance and better value for money.

For more information visit www.spitwater.com.au

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