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Specialized S-Works Epic Evo

by admin

Here we have it: a pushie going for a mere $19,000.

Just let us check that…

Yep. $19,000.

Obviously, it’s not your average pedals-and-chain-turnout. No, because for $19,000 you don’t actually get pedals. They’re extra!

Those who know MTBs will know nothing offered by Specialized is ordinary or average. The company rolls in the F1 and MotoGP class of pushies, and this model of the Epic EVO is designed and built to run at the front of the elite pack. It’s the lightest EVO frame Specialized has ever built and the headtube geometry is adjustable. Suspension is RockShox’ lightest-ever Charger Race Day damper and the SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS uses wireless technology for incredibly accurate shift performance.

This is the 2020 model and as we wrote this they weren’t in stores yet. You’ll have to do the looking for yourself for a change.

Meanwhile, if you’re after a bike, the editor’s flogging off his Malvern Star 26-incher. He said he’ll leave the basket on the front and throw in a set of Spokey Dokeys for a WTW reader.

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