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Sony GTK-PG10 Portable Wireless Speaker

by admin

Is there anyone who doesn’t own a Bluetooth speaker or two?

They’re like phones. Seriously. Tribes in jungles in Sumatra who don’t have running water or a dole office have Bluetooth speakers to go with their phones.

But does everyone have a Bluetooth speaker that can hold beer?

The top of the new Sony GTK-PG10 portable speaker unfolds into a table that has four drink holders. You don’t have to put beer in there, but, c’mon. It’s obvious isn’t it?

The top is splashproof and the ports are covered with rubber flaps to keep things dry. The speaker has 13 hours of battery life and a microphone jack if your parents want some karaoke action. There’s also an FM tuner and a convenient charger for mobile devices.

The unit hadn’t been released in Australia as we went to print, but it’s on its way. Google it, pal.

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