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Sonos Beam Soundbar

by admin

For those not keen for the complexity of a home-theatre set up but still wanting great sound, the Sonos Beam is a possible option.

The pamphlet says it offers rich, room-filling sound with voice control and it’s stacked with full-range woofers and tweeters. The beam also has a speech-enhancement feature to make it easy to hear David Attenborough when he’s having a bit of a mumble.

Naturally an app is involved, and the speech-control relies on the Sonos smartphone app, Airplay, or through the built-in control of your selected music service.

It’s ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and it’s designed to fit right in with other components if it’s intended to be part of a larger system.

Harvey Norman has the white ones for $595. Slip down to your nearest store and see what Gerry can do for you.

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