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Fishing in Port Phillip Bay (VIC)

Tight Lines in Port Phillip Bay in November

Words and pics Joel Ryan

Fishing on Port Phillip Bay (VIC)

Spring in Melbourne means different things to many people. Some people get excited by horse racing, some people the AFL grand final, but if you’re into fishing then there is only one thing that matters during the greener months – and that’s the annual run of Snapper.

With Port Philip Bay being situated right on the doorstep of a major capital city, it really is remarkable that we experience such a world-class fishery, so close to home.

Every season towards the end of September, as the water starts to warm up, the massive schools of snapper begin to enter the shallow, sheltered bay to prepare to spawn.

For anglers, these schooled Snapper make for the perfect target species. Once they enter the bay they move through the same areas each year, so predicting their whereabouts is generally pretty simple. Although the bottom is quite flat and featureless, there are scallop beds and other minor changes to the mud bottom that attract and hold the fish year-in year-out.

Areas from Seaford through Carrum and along the shipping channel right up the Bay to the base of Melbourne city hold schools of fish at varying stages of the season. Therefore, depending on where you launch your boat from, you’re certainly not limited for options or far from prime Snapper grounds.

Fishing in Port Phillip Bay

If you’ve never experienced the Snapper run in Melbourne, make sure you do. There really isn’t much else like it in the world, and it’s right here in one of our capital cities, a relatively short and cheap flight from just about anywhere in Australia. You can knock of work on a Friday arvo and be reeling in big Snapper by Saturday morning. It’s that simple.

On your way, you might want to read the full article and find out some tips for targeting snappers.

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