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Slackers 50 Slackline Classic

by admin

Oh, the larfs!

Get a few mates together, bust out a few cold bevvies, and one by one take a turn at walking a slackline.

Imagine the hilarious howls of pain, the tearing of tendons and the breaking of bones. What could be more fun on a Saturday arvo than a mild concussion and a nasty abrasion or two?

According to the promotional material it takes around 10 minutes to set up the 50-foot-long slackline a few centimetres above the ground, there’s a bonus narrower teaching line that’s supposed to ‘get you going’, and it all packs away in its own carry bag.

The company which makes this injury-in-a-box says it improves core strength and balance in the most fun way imaginable.

Maybe their imagination isn’t as good as ours.

It’s recommended for ages over five with a maximum weight of 110kg, and for those ‘who need a safe and fun introduction to navigating their way along the 5cm-wide line to impress friends and family’.

They’re on the shelf at Australian Geographic stores for around $95 (ambulance cover not included).

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