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Spanish acro-paraglider Horacio Llorens combated cold and windy conditions when he became the first person to perform a free flight in front of the Northern Lights in Trømso, Norway.

We’re not sure exactly what an ‘acro-paraglider’ is, but that’s okay. We don’t know where the hell Trømso is, either. If we’re forced to be honest, we’re not totally clear on the precise whereabouts of Norway. We know they have Fjords there (we don’t know if, like us, they’ve had their Hjoldens torn from them like the still-beating heart of some mighty and powerful slaughtered beast).

Llorens bat t led 60kph winds and temperatures well below zero during his night flight below the Aurora Borealis (that’s the fancy name for ‘Northern Lights’). The paella-powered pilot pulled on a wetsuit and battery-heated gloves, powered up his paramotor and took off into the spooky-looking sky. The photographer, Frode Sandbech, used battery-powered spotlights to light up the rig and sat back hoping for a gory and gut-splattering miscalculation, or maybe some kind of slimy green alien thing to reach down and grab Horry by the maracas.

That didn’t happen, but he got a couple of interesting pics anyway…which was good.


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