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Sika Sikaflex® -400 Fire

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Sikaflex® -400 Fire is a fire-rated, one-component, moisture-curing polyurethane, elastic-joint sealant that provides higher performance.

It’s suitable for over painting with traditional paint coatings and delivers excellent ±35% joint movement capability.

Sikaflex -400 Fire is specifically designed for fire-rated movement and connection joints on porous and nonporous substrates, making it suitable for interior and exterior applications, and provides up to four hours fire resistance as per test standards

AS1530.4:2014, the Australian test and classification standard for fireresistance tests on building materials, components and structures.

Where passive fire protection is required in commercial and residential buildings, Sikaflex -400 Fire provides comprehensive solutions. Fire-resistant mortars, intumescent coatings and specially designed sealants and backing materials enable the construction of safer buildings and infrastructure. It’s user-friendly with a long open time, good workability, easy to smooth and good adhesion to most common building substrates.

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