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Andrew Myers Screw Art

by admin

Reckon you’re handy with an impact driver? Artist Andrew Myers makes these arty-sculpturey things where he fashions images by punching a jabillion screws into a bit of gyprock.

Then, because he’s a professional in The Yartz, he sells them off for big bucks. Seriously. His ‘work’ is exhibited in galleries all over the world, and a signed, limited-edition print of the shirt you see here costs over $2500. Imagine the gouge to buy the work itself!

If you got caught wasting time and money doing something like this you’d be on the boss’s shit list for a month.

Myers, 39, can take up to four months to complete a single artwork and has produced a range of images including a pair of vibrant shirts, leather boots, fruit with a kitchen mixer, a guitar and a lightbulb.

So he’s making a major contribution to society, then.

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