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Scan To Win With Access Hardware

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Scan to win with access hardware

This year has seen a lot of exciting new initiatives at Access Hardware. The company is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of architectural hardware, washroom products and security solutions to the construction, building-maintenance and facilities-management industries and has been involved in some of the largest or most iconic projects in Australia since 1975.

2018 has seen the company launch a new website that incorporates an online store. So not only can customers access product information and technical data for over 2000 of the most popular architectural hardware, washroom and security products, but if you register for the site, you can order them as well. With locations in most capital cities, getting your architectural hardware, washroom equipment and security products has never been easier.

A flow of new products also continues to be added to the range, one of which is the new Sabre holesaw kit. This new eight-piece kit is a must-have for any tradie that might find themselves fitting locks and door hardware. The kit includes 22mm, 32mm, 38mm and 54mm holesaw sizes, large and small arbors and a 25mm spade bit, all packed nicely in a tough aluminium case.

In August and September the company is also running an exciting new promotion. If you like free stuff (and let’s face facts, we all do), you’re going to love this. It’s so exciting and so good that, as we go to print, we can’t even tell you exactly what it is. Let’s just say it’s going to be huge. You’ll have to see for yourselves and check out the website For more information visit http://www.accesshardware.com.au

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