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SCA 100 and SCA 400 Permanent Markers

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Pilot is a Japanese brand known globally for quality. For the past 100 years Pilot has been at the forefront of design and innovation, delivering the highest standard of writing instruments for industries around the world.

All of Pilot’s products are made in Japan using the best quality ink and materials, with an emphasis on end-user satisfaction. The focus is on ensuring every one of its products is produced to the highest standard.

Pilot has recently introduced the SCA 100 and SCA 400 range of permanent markers, ideal for industrial applications. Perfect for the factory, warehouse and office…or anywhere else a permanent mark is needed, the SCA 100 and SCA 400 have a minimum 24-hour period where the cap can be left off without the tip drying out.

The new markers also feature the newly developed Controlled Surface Properties (CSP) ink. It’s wear-resistant and prevents the ink dispersing when it’s scratched. This ensures a long cap-off performance and rich, vibrant colours. They’re xylene-free and available in fine tip/1mm (SCA 100) and broad tip/4mm (SCA 400) at an affordable price.

Key Benefits:

  • Strong surface adhesion – use them on anything…cartons, glass, plastic, wood, metal, paper and much more. They will even write over grease and oil
  • 24 hour cap-off life – CSP ink is specially formulated to ensure the tips will not dry out, even if left uncapped for 24 hours
  • Wear resistant – prevents the ink rubbing out or fading from heat, light, water and cold
  • Vibrant colours – bright and vivid black, blue, red and green colours which make writing clearer and more visible.

The new Pilot SCA 100 and 400 permanent markers are tough markers for tough jobs!

For more information visit http://pilotpen.com.au/permanent-marker

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