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Saltwater Brewery Edible Six- Pack Holders

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Florida beer producer Saltwater Brewery is stepping up and showing its ring, and it’s all to help the beaut environment.

Seeing all the bastard plastic floating around in the ocean impersonating jellyfish and getting stuck in the poop-chutes of our savage-but-cute marine pals, the folks at Saltwater came up with a six-pack holder made from the leftover crud of the brewing process.

So instead of deadly-but-tasty plastic rings holding the six pack together, it’s linked by a set of loops made from the stuff squeezed out of barley and wheat. Apparently the greenie-friendly six-pack holders are just as strong as plastic, but will eventually dissolve if they get into the ocean. And if one gets swallowed by a feisty dugong, well, that’s okay too. It can be digested and work its way through the animal’s system with no ill effects to it or the ocean.


The edible rings make a six pack a bit more expensive, though.


These things aren’t officially on the market yet, but there’s a protoype run in use.

For more information visit www.saltwaterbrewery. com to keep an eye on it and cheer for The Environment.

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