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RYCO Raises the Bar in Anti-Virus Vehicle Cabin Filtration

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There’s simply never been a more important time to have a vehicle’s cabin filter working at its peak level of performance.

Ryco’s upgraded MicroShield range of cabin filters are the most efficient and micron rated in the Australasian market, and a must-fit for vehicle and workshop owners in this current climate. Where most cabin filters are rated to 2.5 micron, the new MicroShield sets the standard with a staggering 0.3 micron.

“The upgraded Ryco MicroShield range of cabin filters are made from N99 medical-grade media which provides both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The MicroShield range of cabin filters from Ryco are 99.7% efficient and tested and compliant to ISO11155-2:2009 standards,” said Alastair Hampton, General Manager of Engineering and Innovation.

The increased protection of the upgraded MicroShield range comes from an innovative three-layer system. The first layer is anti-viral with natural polyphenol extracts that eliminate virus, bacteria and allergens. The second layer is activated carbon designed for odours and gas absorption. The third and last is medical-grade polypropylene and electrostatically charged which collects more microparticles.

“Cabin filters are a relatively new innovation in passenger cars and many vehicle owners aren’t even aware their vehicles are fitted with one. This can lead to these filters not being replaced as regularly as they should. In a time when the health and safety of many people has become so important, replacing an existing cabin filter with the best available on the market is a reasonably small investment to make,” Hampton added.

One of the many advantages of fitting an upgraded Ryco MicroShield Cabin Filter is the anti-viral layer inhibits the survival of bacteria and viruses using a natural micronutrient called polyphenol. The benefit is that not only does a Ryco cabin filter stop the bacteria and viruses from entering the car, it destroys them at the same time.

Ryco’s upgraded MicroShield Cabin Filters are available in 29-part numbers, which cover hundreds of popular vehicle models, with more progressively available in the near future. The upgraded versions of MicroShield Cabin Filters will be denoted with an ‘M’ on packaging as opposed to ‘MS’.

To find out more about the range, point your browser at www.rycofilters.com.au.

Alternatively, the friendly customer service team are on hand on 1800 804 541.

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