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Rubber-Band Machine Gun

by admin

These are the kind of things that make life worthwhile.

The Rubber-band machine gun is a thing of great beauty and could make you the most feared – and annoying – person on any jobsite.

It’d be fricken hilarious, but.

The gun has a battery-powered motor that allows firing 10 rubber bands per second. It can hold up to 63 bands, so it gives an entire minute of stinging, rubbery carnage. The motor is controlled by a single-squeeze trigger, and the body of the gun is made with precision-laser-cut wood. It won’t come apart in the heat of battle.

Extra packs of rubber bands are available.

Arm up at http://www.woodnboom.com for about $320. You’ll have pay postage as well, and it comes in bits, so building it would be part of the fun.

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