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Road Shower

by admin

Here’s an idea we like a lot. It’s a solar-heated water tank you bolt to the roof of the work vehicle.

The tank is 1435cm long and made from powder-coated aluminium with full-length slots for the mounting bolts. Capacity is up to 30 litres and it’s supplied with a 1.4-metre hose which takes standard garden-hose fittings. The whole thing uses the beaut sun to heat up while you drive, thus being very good for the environment and protecting the calzone layer. Not only that, but the tank can be pressurised with a hand pump, a CO2 cartridge, or compressor to enjoy the luxury of a proper shower.

The rig weighs around 7kg empty and 25kg full, and will cost about $500. There’s an up-specced model for $750. The Aussie distributor is a mob called Blue Globe and the only place we could find them on the shelf was Toro 4X4 in Queensland.

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