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Rhino-Rack’s All New Pioneer Platform

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Whether you’re a tradie or just a weekend warrior, Rhino-Rack’s All New Pioneer Platform is the leader of the rack! It is the most modular and versatile platform system available on the market, with over 90 accessories for maximum customisation.

With additional accessories channels in the front and rear extrusions, Rhino- Rack has increased the modular set up abilities of the system. You are also able to use many of your favourite Rhino-Rack accessories with the All New Pioneer, such as our Batwing and Sunseeker awnings, jerry-can holders, folding ladder, Thru Axle bike carrier, gas-bottle holder and many more.

While looks are not as important as functionality and versatility in the world of roof racks, the All New Pioneer ticks all the boxes. Made from aluminium and fibreglass-reinforced nylon and finished off with a sleek, black powder coating for increased corrosion resistance and looks to boot.

To ensure Rhino-Rack continues to offer users the best solution on the market the All New Pioneer continues its legacy with its compatibility with our industry-leading mounting systems. Please check the vehicle user manual for your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity. The All New Pioneer is compatible with Rhino-Rack Backbone, RLT600, RCH & RCL, SX and RL (Gutter Mount) leg options.

Fit your vehicle with the All-New Pioneer www.rhinorack.com

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