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Rhino-Rack All New Pioneer Platforms

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Space. It’s a funny thing. We are surrounded by more of it here on Earth than even we can begin to understand, but when it comes to a typical tradie’s overflowing garage and work ute, there never seems enough of it.

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platforms are the perfect solution for freeing up valuable real estate, both inside the cab and on the tray. Rhino-Rack has taken on board a considerable amount of feedback and requests from both here and around the world to develop and produce the All New Pioneer Range. The All New range now truly sets it apart from the competition.

Manufactured from aluminium alloy and glass-reinforced plastic corners, this system is lightweight, durable and tough. It won’t rust or fade in harsh Australian conditions. There are pre-installed underbars which have all hardware inserted (in the pre-assembled version). When you look underneath the frame, there is an integrated measuring strip which is perfect for ensuring your measurements are even.

Easy Fit

The system and accessories are supplied with a torque tool which delivers the right pressure on each and every fixing, making it impossible to overtighten or under tighten. The beauty of the Pioneers is there being a unique size platform for an extensive range of vehicles, and in terms of the mounting system, you can choose between the backbone for a very stylish and low- profile look, or other fixed and removable mounting options.


Rhino-Rack has very cleverly been open to improvements and suggestions from its customers. Along with its own impressive R&D, user feedback has led to some significant improvements on the All New Pioneer range, and there is no doubt tradies will be happy. There are additional channels on the front and rear extrusions to which spotlights, LED bars and a pile of other options and accessories can now be directly mounted, and the outside frame extrusions have been designed to house wiring, providing a much cleaner look and keeping wires out of the elements. This feature also allows incorporation of electronics along the whole length of the Pioneer Platform, with the ability to include switches or integrated lighting to be housed in the corner sections.

More Potential, More Space

With more accessories available than I even have time to mention, I will just say the outstanding fittings for me were the kayak- and canoe-carrier fitting kit. The ladder-rack system is perfect for tradies, and with the fishing-rod holder mounted, along with the pile of accessory holders for shovels and recovery tracks and the like, you can create a heap of additional real estate to maximise storage capacity for both weekdays and the weekends.

So the closest you may come to actual outer space is stargazing at night while camping next to your fully loaded 4X4 mounted with the Rhino-Rack All New Pioneer Platform.

At least with all the gear mounted on the Pioneer Platform you will have created a heap more actual space for your kids or your mates in the back seat.

For more information visit www.rhinorack.com.au/all-new-pioneer

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