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Revolutionary tool for plumbers

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Sutton Tools have once again shown their devotion to innovation with their new Ezygrind cutting tool, offering the solution for efficient pipe cutting at or below floor level.

Suitable for cutting pipes from the inside including: encased pipes, pipe penetrations, conduits, storm water, sewer, WC’s, shower drains, floor wastes, down pipes and inspection openings.

An average 2 bathroom dwelling will have over 20 waste pipes and stormwater pipes. And 90% of the pipes need to be cut off at floor level or just below, either to connect the fixture, appliance, or to reduce pipe sizing. Current practice is using a grinder (often without a guard) or a handsaw, none of which are designed for this job.

Used with a cordless drill, Ezygrind’s patented design incorporates a diamond grinding disc with a depth gauge attached to a long shaft and is tailored specifically for this application. It works by inserting the tool inside the pipe and cutting from the inside. It cuts 3 times faster than a grinder and 60% faster than a handsaw. Ezygrind can produce a clean professional finish for you with one cutting action. By internally cutting the pipe, you are able to get right into tight corners with zero clearance. You no longer need to chip away the material surrounding the pipe to allow the access for the grinder or handsaw.

And most importantly, Ezygrind is the safest way to cut pipes. Using an angle grinder poses a high safety risk with 31% of all emergency department admissions for eye injuries are caused by the angle grinder. The most serious injuries are from kick-back, where the angle grinder suddenly thrusts back towards the operator. Many state governments recommend using a safer alternative to an angle grinder where ever possible.

Simply follow the three steps below and Sutton Tools Ezygrind will get your job done quickly and perfectly.

Step 1 Insert the Ezygrind into PVC pipe. Begin cutting by pushing firmly against the pipe wall until it cuts through.

Step 2 Operate in a clockwise direction. Maintain outward pressure.

Step 3 Keep drill parallel to the pipe for a perfect cut.

Available in two sizes for large and small diameter pipes, Sutton Tools Ezygrind is a great pipe cutting tool for plumbers, electricians, tilers, air conditioning installers, pool installers, landscapers and DIYers. Ezygrind is the only solution on the market which offers safe controlled cutting and is designed specifically for cutting pipe at floor level.

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