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Revamp Your Rooftop With Rhino-Rack’s

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All New Pioneer

As leaders and innovators in the roof-rack market, Rhino-Rack is kick-starting this new decade with the launch of its All New Pioneer – the next generation of Rhino-Rack’s iconic Pioneer platform, developed almost 10 years ago.

As the most versatile modular platform on the market, the All New Pioneer is designed to make loading, carrying and securing your gear a breeze with updated features. Crafted to maximise your carrying potential, the All New Pioneer has incorporated accessory channels into the front and rear extrusions to enable accessory mounting. Whether that be for a kayak or ski carrier, or even a spare tyre, it’ll clear up space in your vehicle for more of your adventure essentials.

Underside channels in the front and rear also enable you to mount your lights or other accessories onto the All New Pioneer.

New Look

With a sleek, slimline look, the new corners allow you to easily access the internal channels of the front and rear extrusions for integrated wiring capabilities. This will allow you to install switches for worklight solutions and tuck away those wires to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Incorporating an underbar measuring strip and position locator, the All New Pioneer now allows for faster installation to make organising your outdoor gear just that little bit smoother.

About Rhino-Rack

As a pioneer innovator in premium roof-racks and accessories, Rhino- Rack is proud to be an Australian owned and operated business since 1992. For almost 30 years, Rhino- Rack has continued to provide industry-leading solutions to the global market while being a locally grown product.


Much like all of Rhino-Rack’s accessories, the All New Pioneer is constructed with only the highest quality materials, being aluminum and fibreglass-reinforced nylon, to ensure it’s lightweight but highly durable. To ensure it lasts throughout your adventures, the All New Pioneer is powdercoated in black for increased corrosion resistance to maximise its longevity and prevent rusting or fading.

The All New Pioneer is compatible with Rhino-Rack’s industry-leading mounting systems. Built and tested for Australian conditions, Rhino-Rack continues to be a trailblazer in developing innovative products for the modern-day adventurer, and the All

New Pioneer is no exception. Rhino-Rack All New Pioneer RRP from $979.00.

For more information on Rhino-Rack and to view the full product range visit www.rhinorack.com.au/all-new-pioneer

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