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RED DSMC2 Brain With Monstro 8K VV and AL PL Mount

by admin

At just a smidge over $85,000 you can bet this camera is a step or two up from the snapper on your phone, or even those ones that output a little sticker of the photo (those ones rock).

We’re not exactly sure what it is that makes this camera rig such an expensive bit of gear, but offering cinematic full-frame coverage and 17 stops of dynamic range sounds pretty bloody impressive. The camera also has a 35.4 CMOS sensor.

We do know all the arty film makers go all gooey and start saying things like, “Daaaaahling!” and “Sooopah!” whenever RED cameras are mentioned, and we remember one getting clouted during the making of Terminator 3: Washing Of The Machines. It hit the budget so hard Arne had to do without Topfenstrudel for a week.

We think that’s how the story went.


If you want to cut sick making movies, head down to Dragon Image in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, and get one.

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