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Recaldent is a teeth-cleaning gum the publicity material claims ‘…delivers calcium and phosphate ions into the tooth, repairing and strengthening areas of enamel previously damaged by the action of bacteria’.

The blurb goes on to say it’s ‘…based on a protein discovered in dairy milk’.

That’s one of our favourite chocolates! We wanted a couple of boxes of that glass-anda- half goodness straight away!

But then we found out it wasn’t a cleverly disguised confectionary at all.

According to brainy scientists on the web, products containing Recaldent have reduced dental treatment costs worldwide by minimising tooth decay and a range of conditions including some cancers, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy complications linked to poor oral hygiene.

Geez. We can’t imagine pregnancy complications caused by oral activity. Quite the reverse, really.

And that just shows how little we know of such things.

The gear is sold as chewie or tooth mousse, and it looks like it’s mostly available from dentists. We did find one Aussie websiteoffering stock to the general public. Log on to thehouseofmouth.com.au and expect to pay around $28.

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