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Quickly Polish Tubes And Bollards With Suhner

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Suhner has been making the task of polishing and maintaining stainless-steel and aluminum tubes and bollards easier and quicker for years now.

Easy-to-use tools combined with a wide range of abrasive belts means you can polish stainless steel and aluminum to any level – brush or mirror – fast.

The new UTC 9R is Swiss designed and German made. It features a narrow body, ergonomic design, 600 watts of power with only 2.6kg weight, safety switch and automatic cut-out system, easy belt change and great head stability. It wraps around tubes and bollards up to 45mm at 180º, but can cope up to 100mm diameter. The larger UTG 9R can work up to 150mm diameter.

Simple to use, the UTC 9R does not require any specialised skills. It easily manoeuvres around curves and allows working in tight places. Plus, its unique head design allows access behind handrails already attached to walls.

The Suhner UTC 9R is also available as a battery tool, and users can apply a wide range of belts. Choose from ceramic, zirconia and non-woven belts for a mill finish with welds, right through to a mirror finish on stainless or aluminum. The UTC 9R can also be used on other metals.

Perfect for polishing and maintaining those safety bollards in public places, the UTC 9R comes in a rugged Suhner tool case.

This hassle-free and quality tool makes polishing and maintaining metals easy.

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