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Q&A With Alex Hacker, Bobcat®

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Q&A With Alex Hacker, Bobcat® Product Specialist, Clark Equipment

What’s your role at Clark Equipment?

I sell Bobcat equipment and help with any special product requirements or information. I’ve worked for Clark Equipment most of my life, starting as an apprentice in the workshop, then progressing to field service. After a year of travel, I was offered an agricultural equipment sales role and then moved into the construction division selling used equipment. Now I am selling new machines.

What’s the big trend in mini equipment at the moment?

The biggest trend is mini excavators and mini loaders fitted to trailers. These are ideal for the average tradesperson to tow behind their work vehicle so they can work to their own schedule.

How does that compare to five years ago?

Five years ago, loaders were big sellers, but excavators are now much more versatile, and they seem to have become the more popular tool in the construction industry.

What can you tell us about your customers?

Most of my customers are owner operators. I mainly deal with the smaller companies – the guys who have a few employees but lots of work behind them. My time and effort are still the same whether they are buying one machine or five.

What’s you most memorable sale and why?

Around eight years ago I sold a used loader to a customer who collects antique planes. When I delivered the machine, he took me for a joy flight in his Tiger Moth. That still sticks in my mind like it was yesterday.

What do you think are the most important things to consider when choosing equipment?

When buying a machine, price should not be the only factor. Machine specifications, performance, reliability and comfort should be the main deciding factors. Some brands offer more than others but the best way to decide is to sit in a machine and try it out before you commit to a certain brand.

For more information on Bobcat equipment contact Clark Equipment on 1300 736 848 or

visit: www.bobcatofaustralia.com.au

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