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Protection For Welders in Tight Spaces

by editor

Welding in hard-to-reach places can be a challenge at the best of times, and keeping your eyes, face, and head safe from weld spatter even more challenging. Traditional welding helmets can sometimes stop access to the workpiece. That’s where welding masks are a good fit.

The new Weld Guard Quickfire mask is light and narrow and offers great protection if you need to MIG, TIG, stick, gas weld or cut in tight spaces. The wide auto-darkening lens offers shades 3, 5 and 9-12, but in addition to that, welders will appreciate the true-colour lens technology that gives the welder a better feel for where they’re at when welding. It’s ideal for car restorations and other light industrial work in tight and awkward positions.

Comfortable and quick to put on, this welding mask comes with a bump cap and fire-retardant cotton hood for extra protection. It’s also compact enough to be worn with a hard hat or prescription glasses.

The Weld Guard Quickfire auto-darkening welding mask fully complies to EN and Australian Standards and is covered by a two-year conditional warranty.

Available at your nearest BOC Gas and Gear store or online at www.boc.com.au or www.boc.co.nz.

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