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Projecta Intelli-Start lithium jump starters

by editor

There is nothing more annoying on a busy workday, or weekend for that matter, than a flat vehicle battery (other than maybe a speeding fine or parking ticket). It means scratching around for jumper cables and maybe calling a friend or roadside-assist service.

The team at Projecta has designed some smart, compact and powerful jumpstarters that will have you and your car back on the road literally in minutes, and can help in a wide range of 12-volt charging applications.

Jumpstarters have been around for a while, but previously you had to remember to charge the unit to keep it ready to use. This involved taking the unit out of the car and charging it either in the home or garage, and if you forgot to put it back in the car you could still get caught out.

The Intelli-Start range features Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), a clever system which works by leaving the unit connected to the car battery for 40 seconds once started. During this time the unit replenishes the charge it used to start the vehicle.

IS920: Small leisure craft, mowers, motorcycles and 4- & 6-cylinder petrol cars
IS1220: Large family cars, SUVs and mid-sized 4WDs, including diesels
IS1500: Professional workshops, car dealerships, panel shops and roadside assist.
• Rapid Recharge Technology
• Lasts 4x longer than similar jumpstarters using Lithium Cobalt technology
• Ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
• Built in LED floodlight
• Powerbank functionality

The long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are ultra-safe, purpose-built for jumpstarting, and last 4x longer than similar batteries using Lithium Cobalt technology. The addition of premium spark-free clamps adds to the all-in-one protection system, and they’re compact. Projectas are up to 90% lighter than equivalent lead-acid jumpstarters.

The Intelli-Start is very easy to use. It’s as simple as pressing the easy-tolocate power button on the front face. The green battery indicators instantly light up to show the battery level. Next, plug the spark-free jumper cables into the end of the unit (USB connections are at one end and jumpstart cable connectors are at the other). Then connect the red and black leads to the vehicle’s battery terminals and turn the ignition key to start the engine.

As mentioned earlier, leaving the unit attached to the battery for 40 seconds once the engine is running recharges the Projecta, ready for next time.

The fact the unit doubles as a powerbank for phones, iPads, portable speakers and similar devices is just another reason to keep this great product on hand for camping, fishing trips or adventures with the family. It’s small enough to fit in the glovebox and will not only save your bacon with The Other Half if the battery dies on the car or boat, it’ll also keep the kids’ entertainment running for days when away from home or power.

This product is better than good. It’s great.

It’s amazing to think such a small device can have so much power and the potential to get you or someone else back on the road in awkward situations. There’s nothing like a flat battery to soak up most of any day.

The self-charging Rapid Recharge Technology and lightweight, compact package is what truly makes this product stand out from its competitors.

Visit: www.projecta.com.au

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