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Powerup 3.0 Bluetooth Controlled Paper Aeroplane

by admin

Who remembers making a paper plane and then pegging the thing at the most annoying kid in class while everyone else was reciting the four-times table?

But not anymore. Oh no. The innocent fun of a pointy nosecone to the cornea and six of the best has long gone. It’s all about technology and frigging rainbows and unicorns these days.

With the PowerUp 3.0, you can build a plane and control it remotely from your smart device. The idea is to fold up a paper plane using the PowerUp 3.0 template, attach the smart module, open the smartphone app and link to your PowerUp 3.0 directly via Bluetooth.

The simple-to-use app interface allows control of take off, ascend/descend, thrust, and landing. Range is around 55 metres and a single charge will last about 10 minutes.

Perfect for a smoko break.

The kit comes with the crash-resistant, carbon-fibre module, Instructions, 4 printed templates, a spare propeller and a spare rudder. www.dicksmith.com.au has them for $90 plus delivery, and if it’s good enough for a true-blue Aussie like Tricky Dicky, then it’s good enough for us.

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