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Polaroid Onestep+

by admin

Holy back to the future, Batman!

The editor nearly cacked his dacks when he saw this one. Apparently he used to use a polaroid when he was ‘setting up studio shots’ – or whatever it was they did last century before camera phones and 240- volt electricity came along – and this thing looks like a replica of the Polaroids available from the chemist back in those medieval days.

Combining the fun of Polaroid with a more modern and versatile approach, the Polaroid OneStep+ is compatible with i-type and 600 instant film, producing 3.1″ square prints. With built-in bluetooth, this camera can connect to a smartphone with the Polaroid Originals app installed to unlock a host of creative features, including double exposures, light painting, and a noise trigger. More suited to people photos, the OneStep+ includes a dedicated separate portrait lens with which you can focus as close as 30cm away.

A built-in flash, optical viewfinder and lithium rechargeable battery are all part of the deal.

Seriously? There are people who still want to use film?


Grab a Polaroid OneStep+ from a Ted’s Camera store for around $300.

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