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Planet Fiska Kubb

by editor

Also known as Viking Chess, Kubb is an outdoor game from Sweden, and it’s supposedly ‘a perfect way to deliver laughs and entertainment at your next outdoor get together’. The promo material also says, ‘Kubb is easy to learn, and with each team having between one and six Vikings, it can happily entertain a larger group’.

Half-a-dozen Vikings rampaging around the barbie ravaging and pillaging would certainly liven up any of our outdoor gatherings, that’s for sure.

The Planet Fiska Kubb set is crafted from eco-friendly birch (a shockresistant durable hardwood the Nordic folks often use to make whippy sticks for a little self-flagellation after a sauna) and comes in a durable nylon carrybag.

All timber pieces and edges are sanded smooth and made in the Nordic tradition. Over time, the Kubb will enjoy a light rub with oil…but wouldn’t we all?

We couldn’t find any information on how to actually play the game, but the maker reckons it’s ecological and little hard to understand. That’s the same marketing strategy the Swedes used with the Volvo, and it seemed to sell okay.

Games go for about $74.95 and are available at the nearest Australian Geographic store.

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