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Pic A Winner

by admin

Here we have a couple of dead-set professionals at work.

The photographer – sorry! ‘Image creator’ – is Satchel Cronk, video editor at Yank pushie mag Bike. Cronkie fancies himself a bit on the camera and snapped this pic for a photo competition. The exposure looks a stop-and-half under to us, but we don’t do art. We have to work for a living.

The Cronkster says on his website he has ‘a passion for mountain biking, the outdoors, light and documenting and sharing stories’.

We can relate to that, although somehow Cronksie makes it seem a bit wanky.

In any case, he’s nailed a corker of a pic here, with light, the outdoors and mountain biking up the wazoo, so he’s bumcheek-deep in inspiration and passion an’ that.

Onya, Bloke.

The sheila on the bike is Leah Lind- White, and she’s a bit of an enigma. She’s working on a doctorate at a school in Trumpland, but seems to spend a huge amount of time blogging on every frigging social media platform know to man…and woman, of course.

We don’t stand for any social-media sexism here at WTW, that’s for sure.

Anyway, it’s a great pic. Enjoy.

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