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PFERD Carbide Burrs & Sets

by editor

Metal fabrication work is about strength and presentation. PFERD’s range of burrs are built from the toughest materials with the most efficient designs and technologies. They not only save time, they save energy and reduce user fatigue. Safety and user comfort with reduced vibration are key features of these tools.

We had 3 burrs to test: the RBF 1225/6 ALLROUND tree radius burr (21001032); the RBF 1225/6 C3P tree radius burr (21117826); and the V1612/6 EDGE R3.0 ECS (21152946). Each has been designed with a specific use in mind.

The ALLROUND is an innovative new design which has up to 30% higher stock rate removal on steel than burrs with a conventional cross cut. Both noise and vibration have been reduced, with significant time saving and economic value. It’s suited to milling out, leveling, deburring, cutting out holes, surface work, and work on weld seams. It is best suited to steel & cast steel, but is also suitable for use on stainless steel, aluminium & non-ferrous materials. This makes it a great option for any steel fabrication shop, with an occasional need to work on other materials.

The C3 Plus range of burrs utilises the cross cut design suited to both fine and coarse stock removal. Thanks to its high stock removal, the Cut 3 Plus burr is ideally suited to machining of steel up to 60 HRC, cast iron & even stainless steel.

The EDGE R3.0 ECS has the edge cut and special guide sleeve that can be positioned on any conventional drive to ensure optimal guidance during light deburring work. It is designed to produce a concave radius of 3mm, ideal for rounding the edges of steel for construction, preparation work when applying anti-corrosion for shipbuilding, or exposed construction. Other available burrs in the EDGE range are designed to create chamfers of either 30º or 45º. Burr applications include deburring, contouring, edge chamfering/ rounding, and edge breaking.

Our mate James Sullman from SWAT Fabrications was building a canoe trailer from scratch and it was an ideal project to test the PFERD burrs.

This burr could also be used on a flexibleshaft drive, straight grinder, robot or machine tools, but we fitted the 12 x 25mm burr to a die grinder. The conical shaped burr was perfect for both opening up holes in various projects as well as cleaning up welds. When asked for his thoughts, Jimmy shared, “The stock removal was impressive, which meant you did really need to be prepared for the process with a solid grip on the die grinder. There is no doubt in my mind that these ALLROUND burrs really do remove up to 30% more material.

“I used this burr to both open up an existing hole and clean out weld seams, and it excelled in both areas.”

There were several welds which needed to be dressed and cleaned up. The speed with which the C3 cross cut design achieved this was impressive. The stock removal looked clean and was significantly quicker to get excellent results than other burrs Jimmy had used. “Weld preparation and weld dressing are two commonplace tasks every fabricator will complete day to day. Any saving of time in this area on large jobs adds up quickly. The reduction of wear on the tool means tools will last longer at the end of the day too,” said Jimmy.

For this test we simply wanted to produce a 3mm radius on our work piece.

We first used the burr in the mill. By going against the rotation of the drive we achieved the best results, and ended up with a clean, good-looking finish, by running over the piece a few times. Then we moved to a router with a guide and ran over longer distances with some excellent results.

Any burr that saves time while extending the life of tools is going to be a huge benefit. The stock removal we achieved across the board was impressive, especially with the ALLROUND burrs.

If you use burrs in your day-to-day work, make sure you give the PFERD range a try. They won’t disappoint.

Visit: www.pferd.com.au

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