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Pet Cube Play 2 Pet Camera With Laser Silver 2

by admin

For the busy cat owner, here’s a pet camera with a built-in laser. The idea is, when you leave your cat at home, ignored and uncared for while you go enjoy yourself, you can use the app on the phone to see what they’re up to – as long as they’re running around in front of the camera, of course. It does have an extended, wide-angle, full-room view, and it has audio. So while you’re out necking alcohol and scoffing take-away foods you can comfort your lifelong companion with occasional soothing messages like, “Good on yer, Puss,” and “Get off the bloody sofa!”

The cat will love you for it.

Even better than that, there’s a laser pointer built in to the camera that can be controlled by dragging a finger across the phone screen. The dot of light can be guided around the loungeroom to drive the animal birko while you’re chuckin’ a tennis ball for a mate’s dog or enjoying some other outdoor activity you’ve denied to the moggy.

Get one from Petbarn for $299. If the cat hacks up a furball on your pillow it’ll be because you deserve it.

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