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Peggy, The Smart Clothes Peg

by editor

Detergent brand Omo has come up with a clothes peg that can read the weather.

It connects to a smart phone, of course, and lets the phone owner know all kinds of important stuff they could work out for themselves if they wanted to. It does all the easy bits and pieces like reading temperature, humidity and UV levels, but it also works out drying times for the PPE on the Hills Hoist and predicts the ideal time to get the washing out there.

A marketing bloke said, “Peggy exists to make the washing experience as smooth and easy as possible. We’ve all been there; hung the washing out only to have it rain, or forgotten about a load we’d put on, finding it a day or so later with that unmistakeable smell,” he said.

Nobody likes a forgotten, smelly load in their tweeds, that’s for sure.

There was a bit more of that kind of thing which, to be honest, got a bit boring. But when we checked carefully, we couldn’t find anything or anyone which said, “Yeah, mate. This thing will hold the undies on the line. No probs.”

It’s a peg, isn’t it? Shouldn’t clamping wet textiles on the clothesline be a priority? Or are we just being old fashioned?

Peggy’s not available yet, but if you want to be involved in the research and product-testing stage, log on omo.com.au/peggy and let ’em know you’re keen. The folks there will get back to you, apparently.

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