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Pavlok Wristband

by admin

We’re a bit worried about this one.

The idea of the Pavlok is it gives you a zap to the wrist if you do something you shouldn’t.

It works with an app of course, and basically, if you want to give up smoking, you set the thing up so any time you go to spark up a durry it drives 40 megathrobs of beaut electricity up your arm. The idea is you soon associate that behaviour with something unpleasant.

It’s not a new idea, that’s for sure, but what if the nasty behaviour we were trying to alter involved our hand being in contact with some other, shall we say, ‘sensitive’ body part? Would Ol’ Sparky cause the grip to uncontrollably tighten and perhaps even punch all that muscle-throbbing action though any connected body parts?

It actually sounds okay when we think about it!

Australia hasn’t caught up with this fist-pumping technology yet, but you can order one from www.pavlok.com starting at around US$180.

G’warn. We dare you.

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