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Pandemic Board Game

by admin

When one simply can’t get enough of out-of-control infectious diseases, here’s a game to help you fill in the time between decimated economies and the mindless deaths of millions of members of the human race and Americans.

Pandemic sets players up as skilled members of a diseasefighting team. The players work together to keep the world safe from outbreaks and epidemics. Only through teamwork is there a chance to find a cure.

No one actually competes with anyone, so it’s ideal for those with an over-developed sense of how the rest of the world should bow down and listen to their whining and complaining. It was surprising to see there were no unicorns or rainbows in the game, but the line, we guess, must be drawn somewhere.

We tried to understand how the game works. There’s little houses and pawns and lots of cards, but there’s no dice or spinner and anything. We logged on to Youtube and tried to watch someone explain it, and to be honest, we’d rather drink a bucket of COVID- 19 laced with E.coli than have to watch that again. It was so fricken boring and complicated.

Okay! We apologise for expressing our opinions when those opinions might offend someone and cause them to start a petition on social media in the mistaken belief it might achieve something.

Pandemic is available at the nearest EB Games store for $70.

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