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Panasonic’s revolutionary new 14.4v / 18v dual voltage range

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Panasonic Power Tools have announced a new dual voltage 14.4 / 18v range of tools due to hit stores 5 November 2012. The new range will run off both current model 14.4v and 18v batteries.

Panasonic 14.4v / 18v Dual Voltage Drill Driver

When tested by WTW, Panasonic has always had exceptional results. With Japanese R&D ensuring their tools have excellent power, speed, runtime and water/dust resistance.

WTW drenched two of their drills in 2011 and they still worked – check out that video in our Tradie Tough Tests Section.

Now Panasonic impress again with their revolutionary new 14.4v / 18v dual voltage tools giving 14.4v users access to a recipro saw and 18v users access to a rotary hammer.

The new dual voltage tools will offer up to 10 per cent more power when running off a Panasonic 18V lithium ion battery.

All tools new Panasonic dual voltage tools will have IP56, the same rating for protection against dust and water as the tools drenched in 2011, as well as Panasonic’s high quality lithium ion battery cells using individual cell monitoring and cobalt grade li-ion energy.

NEW 14.4/18v Models

Impact driver
Drill driver
Impact Wrench
SDS+ Rotary Hammer
Recipro Saw

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