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Paint like a pro with Wagner

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Wagner’s innovation now bridges the gap between serious DIY and large scale painting jobs with its range of affordable airless paint spray units that achieve a trade quality finish.

Perfect for small to medium painting projects, Wagner’s Project Pro 117 and 119 airless sprayers are ideal for serious DIYers, handymen, property managers or part-time contractors who require a robust, fast and reliable unit perfect for the building, property, landscape gardening, farming and decorating industries.

A smart alternative to traditional brushes and rollers, the airless range provides a simple entry point for people with limited spray application experience or as a backup to existing trade equipment.

From interior and exterior wall surfaces through to fences and posts, Wagner’s airless ranges deliver a superior high quality finish, easily and professionally.

Product features of the Project Pro 117 and 119 airless sprayers include a contractor-style lightweight metal spray gun which helps reduce fatigue when painting and a full size gun filter and a reversible tip that makes blockages easier to clear.

For ease of transportation and convenient storage, the Wagner 117 floor-mounted unit comes with a carry handle and the Wagner 119 comes complete with a collapsible cart that is compact enough to fit into a car boot.

Compatible with many popular water and solvent based materials – from enamels, acrylics, lacquers and stains, through to corrosion protection products, Wagner’s revolutionary 117 and 119 airless sprayers are the tools of the trade to get the job done efficiently.

Both products are sold with a two year DIY warranty as well as a 12 Month Contractor Use Warranty.

Available from selected hardware and paint specialty retailers, the Wagner 117 and 119 units retail from $995 and $1,595 respectively.

Visit www.wagnerspraytech.com.au for more information or call 1800 924 637 to locate nearest stockists.

To see more images of this excellent piece of equipment in action please see the gallery below:

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